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Disney X Pyopp : A Magical Collection

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As a start-up brand, it’s a dream for us to collaborate with Disney Indonesia. Collaborating with Disney enables us to combine barefoot principles and the cute Mickey Mouse & Friends characters! Becoming part of this release is: Disney Explorer Strap Shoes in Navy & White and Disney Pop-up Slip Ons


Made with the 5 main features of Barefoot Footwear:

  1. Thin & Flexible Outsole: Sole is made under 8 mm thick for feet to feel the ground.
  2. Zero Drop Sole: Flat sole from front to back
  3. Wide Toe Box : Wide frontal part so toes and muscle can stretch freely.
  4. Lightweight & without foot support: very light and without arch support or cushions that limits feet movement
  5. Hold feet right: Loose but holding feet right without them having to “grip”
    This special edition Disney Collection is called The Pattern Play, it is fresh and fun and full of color. Even though it was a bit of a risky move to release a collection in the middle of a global pandemic, we are glad that you all liked it! It was really a surprise for us to see you get so excited about the collection, even 20 surprise boxes are sold out within minutes!
    In every box of Disney x Pyopp Collection, you will get 1 pair of shoes, a seed paper, a thank you card and a patch of stickers. With every purchase of the #MagicalCollection you will be bringing a touch of magic for the little feet to move freely and naturally, exploring the world without fear. Besides, what better way is there to introduce our kids to our very own childhood heroes? So, have you added a pair of magic shoes into your home?

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