Ninja Active Barefoot Sandals 2.0 - Midnight Blue

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Inspired by ninjas who move smoothly through the night, the color Midnight Blue will look dark at a glance resembling black but will appear bluish in the light. Ninja Active Barefoot Sandals 2.0 in Midnight Blue is made of sporty mesh material which is breathable and comfortable to use by little ninjas to walk, run, and jump across the earth as light as the ninja's steps.

Suitable to mix and match with any outfit, Ninja Active Barefoot Sandals 2.0 in Midnight Blue is a modification of Ninja Sandal's vol. 01 with a wider toe box resembling bare feet and more durable. Better, faster, stronger yet with the same barefoot feeling!

Designed with the barefoot principle in mind, each Ninja Active Barefoot Sandals 2.0 features: a flexible and thin rubber sole, zero-drop sole (flat sole), wide toe box, no cushioning, no arch support, lightweight, and breathable. All are designed for healthy and natural foot movement and development like bare feet.

Available in EU sizes 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34. Be sure to measure your child's feet before making a purchase.

*Leg length is an estimate. When in doubt, Pyopple can buy a larger size.