Poro Barefoot Sneakers - Estate Blue

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Pyopp proudly presents the first article from our Breathe Collection, a greener approach from Pyopp: PORO Barefoot Sneakers knit with Tencel™ !  

Inspired by the softness and temperature regulation properties of Tencel™ , here comes the idea to create a pair of barefoot shoes that are soft and breathable for the active little feet. 

Poro Barefoot Sneakers, knitted with Tencel™, would feel cool when it’s hot and warm while it’s cold, help to prevent bacteria’s growth and smelly feet, are silky smooth, and most importantly: barefoot-friendly

Outsole as thin as 6 millimeter, flexible, zero-drop (flat from toe to heel), lightweight, and wide toe box that is shaped just like the foot.

The slip-on design makes it easier for kids to wear and the outsoles is design with grid to enable enough grip, perfect for active wear. Available in adorable basic colors, this pair of shoes can be mixed and matched with most outfits and is definitely a must-have!