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How To Find My Child’s Barefoot Shoe Size?

You can measure your kids feet by tracing the feet from the outside of the heel to the tip of the big toe, and then measure in a straight line the length of the feet.

Shoe size by age is just an estimated guidance because shoe size does not always correspond to a child’s age. Sometimes there are some kids with big bodies but small feet. Vice versa, there are kids with small bodies but big feet.  

Ideally you need to add space to get the right insole. You can add 0.5 - 1 cm from your kids shoe size. For example, if a kid’s foot measures 12 cm, the right insole is between 12.5 - 13 cm. It’s necessary for the free foot movement.

  • Size 1 (insole 11 cm) = size 10-10.5 cm (up to 6 months)
  • Size 2 (insole 12 cm) = size 11-11.5 cm (up to 12 months)
  • Size 3 (insole 13 cm) = size 12-12.5 cm (up to 16 months)
  • Size 4 (insole 14 cm) = size 13-13.5 cm (up to 22 months)
  • Size 5 (insole 15 cm) = size 14-14.5 cm (up to 27 months)
  • Size 6 (insole 16 cm) = size 15-15.5 cm ( > 27 months)

*Very often leather shoes will stretch and follow the shape of the foot.


How To Measure Kids Feet

What size is 22 in barefoot shoes? 

In general, the size 22 insole is 13.3 cm. On barefoot shoes this will be a size 4 (insole 14 cm). But we suggest you measure your kids feet because there is not any cushion in barefoot shoes. So it can be looser even in the same size.   

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