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What is barefoot shoes?

With lightweight construction, a flexible thin & zero drop sole, unrestrictive toe box and no arch support, it frees the feet to grow healthy and natural.

Barefoot Footwear

Badii Barefoot Sneakers - Black On White - Pyopp Barefoot
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Badii Barefoot Sneakers - Black On Black - Pyopp Barefoot
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Badii Barefoot Sneakers - Carrot Orange On White - Pyopp Barefoot
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Badii Barefoot Sneakers - Butter Yellow On White - Pyopp Barefoot
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Why Barefoot Shoes?


Research shows that people who were habitually barefooted or wore minimalist footwear since early ages, tend to have stronger intrinsic muscle compared to those who wore modern shoes. Modern shoes with rigid narrow toe box can deform the soft bones of the kids.


Many kids sneakers are made as miniatures from adult running shoes with elevated heels. Overtime, the body would adjust to this unnatural posture of slanting forward. Barefoot shoes with no heels would allow kids to develop healthy natural posture and better body posture.


Modern shoes with heavy cushion and sole make us land our feet with greater impact. Barefoot shoes with thin soles and no cushion enable us to land our heel gently, which reduce the pounding effect on the entire body.


There are as many as 200,000 nerve endings in the sole of a foot, transmitting information to the brain. Using thin-soles, barefoot shoes help facilitate kid’s feet to have a better sense of the terrain. Thus, activate those nerves and the brain.