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Why Barefoot Is Essential?

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To be clear, she does wear minimalist shoes when conditions call for it

Why Being Barefoot is The Best

I. Barefoot is best for natural foot development

We may never notice that shoes actually change the shape of our feet over our lives. If you take a look at newborn’s feet: the foot gets wider as it progresses to the tip of the toes. But if we see adult’s foot: the widest part is the ball then the toes pinch inward. It is the effect of wearing shoes that has changed the shape of the foot. Basically the modern shoes doesn’t follow the shape of the foot, instead the shoes are made to get the feet have to fit into.

It starts with babies & toddlers, when cartilage and soft bones are still developing. Then that will change the natural shape of their feet and the natural condition of the foot itself. That’s also why most babies are born with completely healthy feet while most adults have a problem with their feet (knees, heels, low back part, and so on).

We also walk by using certain muscles on our feet to interact with the ground that could make us “walk”. Shoes sole that are too thick and not flexible will have the kids use the other wrong muscles to walk, while this is unnatural.

Moreover, imagines if the shoes are stiff and rough (like the trendy stiff boots), it will deform the soft bones of the kids even further and disrupt the natural foot development.

II. Barefoot enable them learning about sensory

Walking barefoot helps babies and toddlers in developing their feet muscles & ligaments. It is necessary to develop good posture, increase strength, and improve their awareness of things around them,” said Tracy Bryne, a podiatrist specializing in podopediatrics.

That explains why little kids keep their heads up while walking barefoot, because they got feet sensory response from the ground that make it’s not necessary to look down so often that will cause off balance and fall.

III. Barefoot is easy and light for babies that are learning to walk

If babies have no “burden” that is heavy on their feet, plus sensory they are getting from the surface, it will be easier for them to learn to walk.

IV. Barefoot is comfortable and prevent smell from the babies’ feet

Babies’ feet sweats a lot, like twice compared to our feet. Therefore, it will be uncomfortable for them to use shoes that are not breathable. Besides, trapped moist in the shoes could provoke the growth of bacterias and molds causing feet to smell. Therefore, if your babies’ feet tend to smell when wearing shoes, change the shoes with the ones that are breathable: mesh and genuine leather are the best as they have natural pores like human skin that allows the water and air to evaporate naturally.

However, babies’ feet certainly need protection from outdoor circumstances like cold/hot temperature & rough surface that makes wearing shoes is unavoidable. Therefore, buying a pair of good shoes is a must investment for your child’s podiatric and orthopedic future health (this is why most babies start with a healthy feet and a lot of adults have foot problems). 



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